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Moonbabies Lactation Support

Are you having struggles with feeding your baby? Concerned about growth, milk supply, how feeding feels, or using your pump?

Maybe you have had previous challenges and want to get off to a good start with your next baby. Or you are planning to adopt a child, or your partner is pregnant and you both would like to feed your baby from your bodies.

If you need lactation help, please contact Gina via the Contact page or call / text to (720) 319-0135. She has 20 years of experience helping people with breastfeeding, chestfeeding and pumping.

Most issues can be improved significantly through a consult. You can expect:

- A thorough intake

- Evaluation of a full feeding, infant and parent issues, and pumping if needed

- Time to ask and answer all of your questions

- Help with common concerns such as positioning, sleep, soothing, babywearing devices, normal baby behavior, what's normal and when to call a care provider.

- A written plan, and what to expect next.

- Telephone or email follow up.

- A superbill is provided if you would like to submit a claim for reimbursement from your insurance company.

- If your insurance plan is in-network with The Lactation Network, you may be eligible for lactation visits with no out of pocket cost to you. Check your eligibility through this link: Moonbabies Lactation Network Page

The most common reasons for lactation concerns include perceived low milk supply, slow growth of an infant, baby with tongue tie, lip, tie, buccal ties, lactation induction, plugged ducts, mastitis, return to work, pumping, triple feeding, jaundice, sleepy baby, oversupply, engorgement, weaning, starting solid foods, baby-led weaning, nutrition, supplementation, tight latch, misshapen nipple, thrush, abscess, post tongue tie release feeding help, relactation, food sensitivity, food allergy, parents unsure if baby is eating enough, fussy baby, waking at night, flange fit for breast pump, daycare feeding, bottle feeding, tube feeding, SNS feeding, baby was in the NICU, baby was premature, breastfeeding after reduction, chestfeeding after top surgery, breastfeeding with diabetes, PCOS, insufficient glandular tissue, PPMD, depression, postpartum anxiety and feeding, bleeding nipple, baby biting, teething, breast pain, nipple pain, scabs, piercing, injury, breast / chest surgery, breast / chest reduction, breast / chest augmentation, flat nipples, inverted nipples, baby eats constantly, baby won't unlatch, sleep deprivation, advice for breastfeeding, lactation help, support.

If you have any of these issues, Gina has experience helping others who have, too! Call now. 720/319-0135.

Gina consulting with a baby and a new parent. Midwife holding baby, talking to the mother.
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