About Gina

Gina Penka Corriveau, CPM, IBCLC (BS, ASM)

Working with families during the childbearing years is my joy and passion.  After working as a certified birth doula in a busy practice for several years, I was drawn into midwifery as an elegant and genuine model of care.  I believe in a holistic approach to health and pregnancy, and I have a focus on care for all pregnant families, particularly those who identify as LGBTQ+. My background includes extensive knowledge about lactation, integrative health, herbalism, and nutrition.

As a feminist and someone who believes in the strength of community and family, I believe that all pregnant people deserve high-quality and evidence-based care, with autonomy and shared decision-making.  I offer homebirth midwifery care, lactation services, Birthing From Within childbirth preparation. I have sensitive, reliable backup care with the Denver Midwives Collective, a group of like-minded colleagues who follow the same protocols and philosophy as my practice. Beginning in 2019, I offer a 45-hour lactation course for support people and professionals interested in having an excellent skillset and knowledge base for walking with families through their infant feeding lifecycle.

I have a bachelor of science degree in integrative therapeutics.  I am a Certified Professional Midwife, and graduated from a MEAC-accredited midwifery school with an associates degree in midwifery.  I earned my IBCLC - International Board Certified Lactation Consultant certification in order to provide the families whom I'm honored to serve with the highest quality of care in breastfeeding support.  I have learned so much from every family I work with, and it keeps me humble and receptive to new ideas!

If you're having a baby, give me a call - I love to help people out.