Lactation Consultation

Private Consultations:

Families seek lactation consultation for a variety of reasons:

  • Prenatally, families can learn about getting off to the best start in feeding their baby with love.  Those who are having a second or third (or more) child may have questions following a challenging breastfeeding experience with a previous baby.
  • After the baby/babies are here, parents may need a consultation in their home when breastfeeding challenges appear.  Sore nipples, questions about milk supply, concerns over baby's growth pattern or latch or positioning challenges are very common concerns and warrant a consultation.
  • As babies grow, families may have questions about issues as varied as teething, growth concerns, return to work, weaning with love, starting solids, and more.

Parents may need consultations for other circumstances, such as chestfeeding, breastfeeding an adoptive baby, breastfeeding multiples, breastfeeding after a breast, nipple, or top surgery or injury, tandem nursing (nursing through and after a pregnancy), and consulting with an IBCLC as a part of the health team to make a plan to protect breastfeeding through a medical challenge.

I am an IBCLC, which is the gold standard in lactation help. I have worked with thousands of dyads (parent/child couplets) over the course of my career since beginning caring for families in 2001.  My goal is to provide tools for parents to meet their own breastfeeding goals and work closely with families and their health care providers to support and adapt as circumstances change in the breastfeeding relationship.

In-home consultations are available on most weekdays. I can also see families at my pet-friendly home office in Brighton.

Consultations cost $200 for in-home,or $150 at my office in Brighon. Follow up care is billed by the hour.

Cash, check, and charge are accepted forms of payment, and a $10 convenience fee is added to all card payments.

A superbill is provided for insurance and tax purposes. Sliding scale is always an option for care, I am to make lactation care accessible and reasonably priced.

I do not bill insurance companies, but lactation consultations are covered under many insurance plans under the Affordable Care Act and I encourage clients with insurance to submit a claim for services received. Flexible Spending Accounds and Healthcare Savings Accounts may also reimburse for services.