Birthing From Within® Childbirth Classes

 The childbearing year is one of growth, transformation, and reflection.  Parents have individual needs to address while growing as a family.  Gina's Birthing From Within childbirth classes offer a lively, interactive and multisensory format that allow parents to answer their deepest questions about this time of so many changes.

In my classes, parents are:

  •  Encountering the stages of labor as may be experienced physically, mentally, emotionally
  • Developing a pain-coping mindset and integrating many techniques for coping with intensity
  • Cultivating a supportive environment for birth and newborn life
  • Preparing for the unknowns of birth, learning how to birth in awareness no matter what the Birth Fairy brings
  • Taming birth "tigers"
  • Creatively constructing new ideas about childbirth and parenthood
  • Creating a plan for life with this newborn
  • Learning how to care for and feed this newborn.

Our curriculum is adapted to parents' interests and needs; there is always time for your questions. 

Part of preparing for birth in this expansive way is accepting and preparing for the rich variation in birth.  Just like in other areas of life, surprises find their way into every birth story.  Through willingness to find and use coping resources, parents can relax into whatever birth story unfolds on the birth-day.

Personalized private classes are available, please enquire using the Contact Form

More information can be found at the Birthing From Within website.